Music Transcriptions

I would like to start sharing some of my music with the guitar players that frequent this site. So for starters here is a new piece I wrote that is a fingerstyle piece called NightSounds. It features an interesting right hand pattern of p m i a m i throughout and uses very subtle left hand movements that create very lush arpeggio ideas..enjoy

Darryl Hill


Jumpin'Town Boogie

This is a lead sheet of my new song Jumpin' Town Boogie. It is meant to be driven fast and features a jungle stomp vamp at parts very much like Gene Krupa Big Band driven by the drummer. I did not attach my lead but I was feeling like I was in an early fifties Rock and Roll Show and my Strat somehow changed into a Gretch Brian Setzer model. Enjoy!

Darryl Hill

Rainy Night Blues

Here's a blues one for you could be played on keys or guitar.

Double Stop Blues